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Managing Your Finances


Simplify your investments

Many clients have collected a number of investments and plans over the years, with no overall strategy, a lack of diversification, no idea of the level of risk being taken and the charges being applied to their accounts. Some investments are not tax efficient and with others you may be paying too much tax.
We work with you to help simplify your financial affairs and improve how they can be monitored. We use the latest investment platforms to give you 24/7 access and provide 6 monthly reporting and consolidated tax vouchers.

Helping you to make the right decisions

We aim to maximise the use of your income, capital gains and inheritance tax allowances. If you are paying too much tax on your investments, your income will be reduced. Also the amount you pass to your family on death could be taxed as high as 40%. We can provide answers to questions like:

Can we afford to gift money to our children now; without jeopardizing our own financial security?

How much money do I need if I wanted to retire now rather than later on?

Should we keep a poorly performing investment in the hope it will improve in the future?

Second opinion

We are a great sounding board and always happy to give a second opinion.  If you are not sure about the advice you have received in the past or have just been given, call us and arrange a meeting.


I had a couple of pensions, which I wanted to combine. Having researched local financial advisers, it became clear Crown Wealth and Brian were highly recommended. Brian listened to what I was looking for and then made a solid recommendation. Once agreed everything was implemented as and when he said it would be. I am seeing growth over and above what was forecast and more importantly above ...

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Mr L. – Shrewsbury

I needed to trust someone that would listen to my needs and ensure that the decisions made were the right ones for my long term objectives. Brian took the time to personally review all my financial matters, including my business operations and properties. Brian was then able to forecast my future in order to meet my personal objectives and wealth.  I have regular meetings with Brian and his...

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Mr Williams – Local businessman

We have been meaning to write to you for some time now to thank you for all that you did for J. over the many years you helped her. She held you in great esteem and really appreciated the open and friendly way you helped her. Thank you.

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Mr P. – Somerset

I have neither the expertise nor time to maximise my investment opportunities. To seek professional advice was the best option for my wife and for me. Brian reviewed our combined and separate assets and devised a series of investment options for our appraisal and action. Liquid assets have grown well so far.

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Mr P. – Mid Wales

Required inheritance to be invested. Brian offered me trustworthy advice in a clear manner.

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Mr Jones – Shrewsbury

Both E. and myself have been extremely pleased with the results of the advice you gave us.

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Mr and Mrs G. – Wolverhampton

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