Investment Management

We offer an Investment Management Service for people that do not want or need the ongoing financial planning that comes with our Wealth Management Service.

When your investments see year-on-year growth it might not seem like a priority to review your portfolio. Why would you? You are making money. However, do you really understand your portfolio and the underlying investments? Do you know if you are taking more investment risk than needed to achieve those positive returns? Could you be taking less risk and achieving even higher returns?! We will discuss risk with you and provide you with the all-important peace of mind. Overall, we want to help you achieve your aims and objectives.

We do not want to over complicate this section with investment “jargon”, however, for those interested, we have a passive investing strategy which invests into funds that track an index (the most well-known index in the UK is the FTSE 100).  We will recommend a portfolio that diversifies your investments across different countries, different asset classes and different sectors to help reduce risk and improve returns. We will recommend appropriate tax wrappers to ensure your investments are tax efficient. Your investments will be placed on a modern platform that enables you to view your investments online 24/7 and simplify your reporting by providing consolidated valuations, transaction history and consolidated tax vouchers.

Please talk to us if you want to understand in more detail how we invest money. Otherwise, leave it up to us – it is our job to simplify your life!

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The Benefits to You

Access to a Professional Adviser
Coherent Investment Strategy
Ongoing Suitability Review
Personalised Client Portal

Your portfolio will be reviewed periodically to include:

Comprehensive Performance Review

A summary of how well your investments have performed, comments on the funds, and measurement of your asset allocation to help control risk.

Re-balancing the portfolio

This is to ensure that the mix of funds you invest in remain consistent with your attitude towards taking risks.

Progress towards your goals

Monitoring your portfolio to ensure that you are always on track to meet your goals.

Analysis and recommendations for action

Including changing funds where appropriate and the tax efficiency of your investments.

What is the cost for this service?

Our Investment Management Service has a fixed initial cost for a comprehensive Financial Plan. For standard investments and pensions we then charge a % implementation fee if you would like to proceed with our investment advice.

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