Our Fees

We always offer an initial meeting to better understand your requirements, to discuss our services and whether they meet your needs, and to establish an early relationship. We encourage new clients to ask all and any questions that they wish, and we clearly explain our fees and how our client agreement works. We do not charge for this initial meeting and will provide a copy of our client agreement for you to review after the meeting.

Initial Advice and Implementation

Our initial planning fee is capped at a fixed rate of £2,500. This covers a comprehensive review of your full, current financial situation and includes a strategy to help you achieve your specific goals and make the most of your current assets including (where appropriate) providing an investment strategy. It covers estate planning, pre and post retirement income advice, and how we can best mitigate risk using protection products. If appropriate, it may also include care fee funding advice and lifetime mortgages.

If you decide to proceed with our investment recommendations, we offer a transparent and competitive fee structure. This sees a 1% implementation fee on funds over £250,000 being brought under our advice, up to a maximum implementation fee of £7,500. For non-standard financial planning and investment solutions, additional fees may apply. For additional information please do get in touch and we’d be happy to assist.

Ongoing Service

We believe advice should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it’s still the best fit for you, and best suited to your goals. We calculate the fee for this ongoing support through a tiered percentage calculated on the value of the investments we manage on your behalf. The ongoing advice fee is 1% per annum on the first £500,000 and 0.5% per annum on amounts above. Receiving an ongoing service is optional and may not be required in some circumstances.


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