We Are Always One Call Away If You Have More Questions

Can we just meet for an initial chat?

Of course, there is no cost to our initial meeting and we welcome the opportunity to chat with you over a tea or coffee. The initial meeting is all about you!

Ideally, the initial meeting should be at our office as it gives you a better understanding of who we are, etc. However, there can be exceptions to this rule, and we can travel to you, for example, if you are elderly.

Column House is located in Shrewsbury just off the roundabout by Lord Hill’s Column. We are positioned to the right-hand side of the row of shops. Click HERE to see a map and for directions.

We have visitor parking at our office.

It is useful, but not vital, to bring a list of your financial objectives, as it will help us determine if we can help you. If you wish to go on to become a client, we will explain the documents, etc. we need for the next steps.

Yes. We can advise and recommend products from any provider right across the market. Therefore, you should get the very best advice tailored just for you.

In contrast, and as the name suggests, if an adviser or firm is restricted it can only recommend certain products or product providers to you.

If you are using an adviser, always make sure it is an independent financial adviser.

We have been constantly awarded by Citywire’s New Model Adviser as a Top 100 firm.

If you proceed with our recommendations, it is likely we will have to complete application forms and share your information with product providers to set up accounts.

However, we do not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes, etc. We are registered with the information commissioner’s office and registered on the Data Protection Register. For more information please see our Privacy Notice.

We have a dedicated page that explains our standard advice fee structure. For further information, click here.

It is difficult for us to provide you exact fees as it will depend on our advice and recommendations. The cost of products and investments are all different and we do not know what is suitable until we carry out a detailed fact-finding session.