Wealth Management Service

As our flagship service, this combines robust investment management with bespoke financial planning and provides you with advice across your entire financial situation. That may cover retirement planning, financial protection, tax and estate planning, or long-term care, but it will absolutely help you to plan, protect and ultimately prosper.

We’ll ensure that your funds are held in the most tax-efficient environment and, should you wish, that your wealth can be passed on to the next generation. And once we’ve reviewed, recommended, and set everything up that you need, we aim to meet with you face-to-face every year for an in-depth check-in to make sure that it’s all still working for you.

We stand out from the crowd in a number of ways, not least through our focus on financial planning, where we discover what’s important to you, and what your future aims and objectives are. We explain every solution we utilise, no matter how complex, and we work alongside any existing trusted advisors like solicitors and accountants (or we can introduce you to wider support). There are no hidden fees, no exit charges, and no hidden agenda – everything is transparent, and everything is focused on you and your needs.

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Our Six-Step Financial Planning Service

1 – Build a Relationship

2 – Learn About You

3 – Analyse and Evaluate

4 – Develop and Present

5 – Implement

6 –Review and Manage Ongoing

What is the cost for this service?

Our Wealth Management Service has a fixed initial cost for a comprehensive Financial Plan. For standard investments and pensions, we then charge a percentage implementation fee if you would like to proceed with our investment advice. Learn more about of fees by clicking the link below.

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What This Service Could Include

Investment Advice

At Crown Wealth Management we invest using highly diversified low-cost passive funds, and we buy and hold over the long term to minimise your risk

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So much more than just buying pensions or stocks & shares ISAs, we instead take a holistic view of your finances and put in place a robust, ongoing strategy to help you make financial decisions to achieve your goals

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We don’t simply help you map out the perfect retirement strategy, but we work with you to keep you on track and to achieve the retirement you deserve

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No longer a headache for just the very wealthy, property is pushing more and more people into the minefield of Inheritance Tax (IHT). We’re here to help you every step of the way with planning and implementation

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Designed specifically for trustees to provide them with a well thought-out investment philosophy and strategy that works, our dedicated service allows trustees to follow best practice and take truly professional investment advice

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We know the financial consequences that can arise from uninsured events, and we’re here to help protect you and to make sure that you’re covered for every eventuality

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Whether you’re looking to reduce corporation tax, purchase commercial property using pension funds, set-up a workplace pension scheme, plan for the future or put a comprehensive plan in place when receiving company sale proceeds, we understand business and are here to help

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