Flowers and Investing

Following on from this year’s wonderful Shrewsbury Flower Show, we have written a short article explaining how the unlikely comparison between flowers and Investments is relevant.

Just like the flowers in your garden, your investments need constant care and attention to ensure you get the best growth. In the past, many collected a series of confusing investment products and insurance policies without an overall strategy to achieve their goals. This increases unwanted complexity in your life – we like to keep things simple and easy to understand at Crown Wealth Management.

I am often asking people the following questions: what are your goals, what is your investment strategy, how much risk are you taking, what are the overall charges for your pensions and investments, how have your investment funds performance against their benchmark, and how tax efficient are your investments. I bet you can guess the types of answers! Our clients would be able to tell you.

If you think you could be more financial organised and/or would like us to explain how we could help, please contact Crown Wealth Management on 01743 276797 to arrange a free initial meeting.

Photo to the right: Peter Bettis, President of the Shrewsbury Business Chamber with Chair, Val Edwards and committee member Brian Benson